about us:

a multidisciplinary cluster


professionals from different fields: we speak the language of architects and engineers; of lawyers and environmentalists; of builders and real estate managers 


architectural composition, calculation of structures and installations, analysis and intervention in the built heritage, urban planning, landscape architecture, project management and construction, law sciences, property management, construction, engineering, geography, biology, geology, environmentalism


property management, construction,  building, installation, facilities

law sciences

environmental law, architectural diseases, conflicts of neighbourhood


environmental, agricultural, civil, road, telecommunication, terrain, geomatics


biology, geology/geotechnical, geography

alfons civit

architect, master's degree in environmental law, certificate degree in strategic environmental assessment;
member of the architects' order of catalonia (official architects' association);
member of the group of architects in the service of the government, the group of forensic expert architects and the association of alumni of environmental law in tarragona


higher architect (etsab, plan 79 - includes architecture, planning, landscape)
masters in environmental law (cedat-urv)
graduate on environmental planning instruments (strategic environmental assessment) (cpsv-upc)
currently preparing a doctoral thesis on architecture and planning, representation of dynamical systems (completion: fall 2014)

additional training

forms of analysis and intervention in the built heritage and monument restoration
expert and forensic activity; wood; stamped concrete; wooden windows; new solutions for the structural repair of concrete; conference of environmental law; adaptation to climate change; legal framework and urban planning framework for electric vehicles; different forms of regional cooperation and compensation; compact urban development; landscape and land management; territorial and regional planning; legislation and administrative police  of activities; agents and factors of the work ... 


freelance architect since 1999
advisor on environmental and landscape impact, and environmental law since 2010
professor at the universitat rovira i virgili (property management during 2002-2006 and architecture since 2006) currently teaching and researching on legal architecture, geographic information systems, planning tools, landscape and environment
member of the group of experts participating in the "connect & construct" project of the european commission


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equipment and areas

every professional works independently in their field, in coordination with the others; we trust in the already old "new technologies" that allow us to work together on one document and we have several tools (some, of military origin) that allow us analyzing, diagnosing and projecting with accurate data


desktop applications for architectural drawing, calculating, ...
desktop applications for spatial managing  (geographic information systems), regional strategies, territory and landscape analysis
portable applications in mobile and tablet for project management, document reading ...


tools for measurements: laser pointer radar
tools for taking environmental data: sound level meter, hygrometer, photometer, thermal probe, ...
tools for forensic research: crack meter, portable microscope, metal detector ...
tools for imaging: high-definition camera; pair of cameras for stereoscopic photography

other tools*

thermal camera / thermograph
metal detector on land
precisely calibrated devices
(*) tools not owned by alfons civit but by other cluster members or working groups  involved

for you

professionals, business, owners, individuals


complete building projects, renovation/restoration, refurbishment; partial projects, collaborations

new-construction projects

- to build "in situ": traditional systems of walls and floors, concrete floors and pillars systems,  steel systems
- tor prefabricated construction: concrete systems, steel systems, wood systems

refurbishment and restoration

- pathologies analysis , repair solutions
- evaluation of preexisting elements to incorporate them into existing projects 


- program changes on existing buildings to adapt them to new requirements


collaborations with other teams for large projects or several key features


full-trust teams of builders and installers, in various regions of Catalonia


urban planning
environment and landscape
mapping and photography 

urban planning

sector planning:
changes in urban classification, partial plans and special plans


environmental assessment of plans and programs ("strategic environmental assessment")
environmental impact assessments of projects
* in all cases, the proposed solutions are coordinated with designers and developers


impact assessment and landscape integration
* in all cases, the proposed solutions are coordinated with designers and developers


specialized maps on planning and landscape: representations of analysis, of proposals and catalogs; three-dimensional representations


panoramic landscape photography, three-dimensional representations

documentation and dissemination

administrative documents
court documents
briefing papers


concept: the certificate of occupancy officially certifies that a site can be used as housing with health and safety conditions and is appropriate to a maximum number of people
to obtain an official certificate of occupancy in existing homes you need a certificate of occupancy issued by a competent technician (we)
process: taking measurements of housing and inspection of the necessary elements - calculation of surfaces - issuance of certificate - college visa - processing the certificate - pay taxes - obtaining the certificate - delivery to owner
required: previous certificate or registration documents or certificates (in some cases the existence of a property on the site must be proved) 

energy  certificate

concept: the energy label officially certifies the level of energy consumption of a building or home - and, therefore, proves the economic cost and poluant emissions
to obtain the energy label you must get a certificate of energy issued by a competent and registered technician  (we)
process: taking measurements of the house or building and obtaining the necessary data about installed equipment, closures, and the environment - calculation of surfaces - calculation of consumption in accordance with approved applications - calculation of proposed solutions to reduce consumption and, if applicable, the calculation of its budget - issuance of certificate - processing at the competent office and payment of fees - delivery of documents to the owner or developer
necessary: ​​technical data of every element which that consume energy and of insulation elements

technical inspections

concept: technical inspections of buildings are documents intended to diagnose potential problems in elements of buildings to ensure the safety of persons who are within and adjacent buildings and neighbors
for the processing of technical inspections the participation of a competent technician (we) is officially required
process: visit of the building, taking measurements and diagrams, obtaining data on various building elements - writing the inspection report in the official template - drafting lists of defects (if any) and proposed maximum time solve them (if applicable) - sent to the competent authorities (if applicable)
necessary: ​​all any former documentation relating to the building is helpful for the recognition of parts and materials, as well as for the correct identification of possible diseases that are or may be applied as solutions

reports, measurements, evaluations

concept: reports consist of an architectural description of an item related to architecture or its implementation in a particular place; this description often includes other features and other data for what information is requested (pathology, sizes, positions, economic values​​, age, diagnoses, solutions ...)
process: the reports are drawn from data on the site, in addition to the information provided in interviews, research files, etc. - collegial endorsing visa or not, depends on the utility you want for the report

forensic architecture

concept: it is a special type of reports, measurements and valuations referred to above, which corresponds to the documents to be presented as evidence in court
process: the process is similar to that described above, but must follow the deadlines set by the code of civil procedure, and all legal proceedings - it's also aimed to give lawyers adequate explanations  on architectural or environmental nature - a neat and agile system of writing  makes reports easier to understand and light reading 

activities police

concept: the opening or renovation of a establishment (shop, office, local) needs to predict their danger potential, their consumption and their emissions
process: recognition of the project, analysis of the place where it's planned, project of place adaptation to the requirements of public safety and accessibility, quantifying consumption and emissions - drafting the report on the solutions provided for each problems
necessary: ​​it is important not to start an architectural project without having planned it before the characteristics of the activity that is undertaken

property/estate management*

estate management, property asset management
sale, rental
facilities management
property maintenance
property management program using geographic information systems
(*) mainly by other cluster members


research in various fields and continuous training allow us to acquire several new skills that we like to share in a fun and educational manner for specific audiences (from intermediate level in primary school to retirement homes) - in some cases the lectures are cycles of the rovira i virgili university

on site training courses

the need by some companies staffs to know about certain aspects of architecture, urban planning, environment or health and safety, meets in training "on site" the possibility of courses customized for your staff


research in various fields and continuous training allow us to acquire various new skills that we like to share in a fun and educational manner for specific audiences - in all sorts of publications (general, leisure, specialist)

mapping and photography

cartographic works on architecture, urban planning and landscape; photographic work on landscape and architecture; tailored to accompany lectures, articles, books, videos, etc.



the most appropriate materials for each project in each site and in each program - the "most appropriate" are not the "most expensive"
more practical and sustainable solutions, built to last and to have easy maintenance
the most versatile, to ensure its adaptability to future 


traditional or innovative technical solutions, as needed and appropriate according to its reliability and its results in accordance with the project
last generation technologies in geographic information systems (gis), virtual architecture modeling (bim), and collaborative network (cloud computing) for unambiguous, ubiquitous and efficient documents and projects


for the conditions and circumstances of each client and its proposed program
for the weaknesses of the site and its environ
for the environment
for pre-existing conditions, which can so often to maintain the value of the site and provide added value to the project and its results

access customers

workspace on the web

access to "connect & construct"

external access to the platform "in the cloud" that serves as a joint framework for all stakeholders in the building (promoters, technicians, industrial suppliers, builders, managers, administrators)